Memorial Field
Located in Charlottetown’s Victoria Park 23 Park Drwy, Charlottetown @46.231153,-63.139715

MacNeill Field- Stratford
MacNeill Field, Stratford (Lower Field) 88 Georgetown Rd, Stratford @46.212354,-63.067627

MacRae Field
51 Macrae Dr, Charlottetown @46.278082,-63.109183

Cardigan Field
4363 Chapel Rd, Cardigan @46.238935,-62.620784

Terry Fox Complex- Cornwall
Cornwall Field at Terry Fox Sports Complex 85 Hilltop Drive @46.225262,-63.226292

Morell Field
Morell Field is located in the village of Morell, in Kings County. 121 Little Flower Ave, Morell Coords: @46.411496,-62.706935